Bulletproof, windshield protection, impactproof resistance window film  

Bulletproof window film prevents smash and grab from your car

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window film prevents burglary into your business and homes

Bulletproof Glass in window Film protects business, property and products on display from heavy arm robbery, explosion, smash and grab thief, burglary, fire. Bulletproofvest protects against attack or penetration by weapons.

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Your get low cost and reliable impact proof security, consider our our services.

Have a peace of mind get protection from hurricane dangers.

Bulletproof Glass, bulletproofVest, Window protection capability and peace of mind.

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It cost a tiny fraction of what it would cost to reconstruct your vehicles with steel and heavy metals.



Ballistic Window Film

Bulletproof Glass window film protects glass windows from impacts from bullets, burglaries and explosions. BulletproofVest

Ballistic window film prevents terror and bullet intrusion into your vehicle, office and home

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Installation Guide


Bulletproof Glass window film protects your family and assets with this simple to install, but amazing "thin film layers" that guarantees and protects your glass windows with our secured window film, doors and vehicle windshields from fire explosions, burglary  and sudden attacks while at home. 

Bulletproof Glass, Bulletproof asset protection window film provides for Fire protection and window bullet resistance : 

  • Cooler environment

  • Protection from sudden attacks

  • Protection from theft and robbery

  • Protection from natural disasters

  • Protect your glass windows and doors

  • Protection from bullet penetration

  • No heavy metals on your vehicles

  • Solar and UV filtering

  • A fraction of cost of steel bulletproof security

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Easy installation on car windshields.

Get maximum protection ...!

Window security film protects your home and businesses. You can also deploy our security film to protect your family from hurricane dangers.

bulletproof glass window film prevents simple installation process on business glass windows and homes
  1. Easy installation of film on windows.
  2. No reconstruction of your vehicles, home or offices.
  3. Affordable and long lasting
  4. No thief can gain entrance into your jewelry show rooms.
  5. If glass is broken, access is not possible into your valuable show rooms. film window installation and packaging
    Bulletproof glass Window Film protects business glass doors and windows, protects staff, products, documents due to terrorism, riot, burglary, robbery, explosion, terrorist attack, etc... Prevent smash and grab thief, car theft by breaking window. Airport and public area - protects human life due to explosion, stray bullet, terrorist attack. Banks, Museum and Exhibition center - withhold glass from robbery, explosion, terrorism, riot, natural disaster such as typhoon, hurricane, earth quake, flood, etc
    Bulletproof, bulletproofvest, bulletproof glass, bulletproof asset protection

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    Ballistic window film for full body armor on the interior and exterrior of your vehicle, home and business locations

An improved transparent bullet-proof laminate with an energy absorbing transition layer between the glass and the thin plastic film. Improved impact or shock resistant laminates. A transparent film having unidirectional bullet-resisting characteristics. Bulletproof window film  Security Film Bulletproof film Hurricane protection UV protection on glass windows firewall glass film  Sell Adspace - Adbuffers